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Metal block thermostats , evaporators and test panels


Everything for your laboratory

In addition to corrosion testing systems for a wide range of applications, we also offer various solutions for laboratory needs. We are the right contact for you when it comes to metal block thermostats, evaporators and test panels. We offer a wide range of designs.

Pictures may differ from the product!

Metal block thermostats

  • Thermostats with interchangeable heating blocks up to 210°C

  • Microprocessor PID controller with timer, ramp and calibration functions

  • Heating blocks for all vessels and microtiter plates commonly used in the laboratory

  • Customer-specific special designs

Pictures may differ from the product!


  • Evaporator with gas dosing unit and motor-driven lift or tripod unit

  • EC thermostat with heating tray for exchangeable heating blocks, working temperature up to 130°C or 210°C

  • 1 heating block for 48, 24 or 16 standard test tubes Ø 16 mm, drilling depth 65 mm

  • 48, 24 or 16 stainless steel cannulas optionally coated with PVDF (extra charge) Microtiter plates: 96 cannulas

  • PU connection hose with adapter for connection to gas fittings

  • Optional: Adapter plate for the use of paste pipettes or pipette tips

  • Optional: Gas pressure reducer with pressure gauge

Pictures may differ from the product!

Certified test panels

Test panels are used to check the corrosivity of corrosion test chambers according to the corrosion test standards ISO 9227. Regular checks of the reproducibility and repeatability of the test results are required for salt spray or cyclic corrosion test chambers.

  • Material: Cold rolled steel CR4

  • Size (LxW): 150 x 70 mm

  • Thickness: 1± 0.2mm

The Köhler VLM test plates are supplied in a practical pack of 5.

  • NSS - 70 ± 20 g/m2 per 48 hours exposure

  • AASS - 40 ± 10 g/m2 per 24 hours exposure

  • CASS - 55 ± 15 g/m2 per 24 hours exposure

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