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Corrosion cycling test system for EN ISO 11997-3 (DIN 55635; VDA 233-102)

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Salt mist systems for corrosion cycling tests

With our DeepFreeze range, we offer various solution options that can reproduce the standard DIN EN ISO 11997-3 (DIN 55635; VDA 233-102).


You are not familiar with this standard? You can find further information here.


From chests for top loading and cabinets for front loading to walk-in and drive-in individual chambers, everything is possible:

  • Chest with 1000l

  • Cabinet with 1000l to 2000l

  • Custom chamber up to 100m³


Each version mentioned above is suitable for the following tests:

  • ISO6270-2

  • ISO9227

  • ASTM B177

  • PV1208

  • PV1210, ISO 11997

  • EN ISO 11997-3

  • DIN55635

  • VDA233-102

  • and more...

Is your desired test standard not listed? Simply ask us whether the desired standard can be implemented!

The possible tests can be found in the technical documentation and may vary depending on the system!

Corrosion testing systems for DIN EN ISO 11997-3 (DIN 55635; VDA 233-102) DeepFreeze
KV-DF series

  • Top and front loading version available from 1000L to 2000L

  • Walk-in chambers up to 100m3

  • primarily for the test standard DIN EN ISO 11997-3 (DIN 55635; VDA233-102)
  • all dimensions can be adapted to the test object and external conditions
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