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Environmental simulation systems for corrosion testing

Welcome to Köhler-VLM. We have been building environmental simulation systems for corrosion testing for more than 70 years. Our testing systems provide a perfect insight into the corrosion resistance of your products and materials.

Rust of metals. Corrosion of metal. Rust and corrosion in the weld. Corrosive Rust on old

Why are corrosion testing systems needed?

Many products and their materials are freely exposed to today's environmental influences. Since the quality assurance of products and their reproduction play an increasingly important role in today's world, very high demands must also be placed on the testing systems.

So-called corrosion testing systems are used to accelerate the corrosion process. These can display the course of corrosion in fast motion using various methods.

Take your quality assurance and development to the next level

Individual solutions for your specific requirements. We offer walk-in and drive-in chambers as well as standard devices for front and top loading.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

Walk-in and drive-in chambers

Our walk-in and drive-in chambers are fully customizable to your specific requirements and provide safe and reliable testing operations.

Series devices for front and top loading

Our series devices for front and top loading offer a reliable and efficient way to perform corrosion tests.

Laboratory supplies

Köhler-VLM sells laboratory supplies such as metal block thermostats and salt to support your corrosion testing.

Battery testing systems

Our chambers for battery tests are tailored to the 7 hazard levels and can cover levels 0 to 7. They can also be customized for different test standards and sizes.

Freezer systems

Our deep-freeze systems for DIN EN ISO 11997-3 (DIN 55635; VDA 233-102) are available in different versions and sizes

Comprehensive customer service

Our customer service is dedicated to helping you with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your corrosion testing.


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Foundation of Köhler Automobiltechnik GmbH

First production of refueling and corrosion testing systems.



Development of the first Kesternich device

Together with the developer of the test, Wilhelm Kesternich, the first Kesternich systems were produced together with Köhler Automobiltechnik.


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